True resiliency begins with climate smart planning of Climate.IQ.

Score your property's disaster risk

The score for each disaster is calculated based on our scientific models. The score can be used to understand your risk level compared to other locations and your approximate rank in the country.

Understand the statistics of your risk

Climate.IQ also provides all the statistics needed to understand the risk level, such as probability simulations, uncertainities and historical data analysis.

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Predictions made for future under climate change scenarios

Climate.IQ projects risk for seasons and future years. Climate change scenarios are incorporated in our analysis.

Understand the monetary cost of your risk

One of Climate.IQ's advantages is to translate the scientific model and data into information that can help people make decisions, such as potential financial loss induced by climate disasters.

Disasters We Are Covering

Climate.IQ is capable of calculating the risk scores of all major climate disasters.

Intelligence behind Climate.IQ®

  • Probabilistic and hybrid approaches

  • Data synthesis of hydrogeology research and climate change data

  • Remote sensing

  • Damage function development and asset estimation

  • Hydrological Modeling

Who Uses Climate.IQ®?

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