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Climate.IQ Features

What makes us outstanding?


The fact is, most of us are alarmed by the increases in flooding and sea-level rise experienced in the past decade. However, only limited well-organized, in-depth, information is available to prepare for this kind of risk. Climate.IQ® is designed to fill this gap. Climate.IQ® provides the public, property owners, government agencies, city planners, insurers, banks and community managers the necessary evaluation to plan ahead.

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Property Level Analysis

Climate.IQ® models climate risk at individual property level to achieve better accuracy and more high-resolution information.

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Risk Score System

Climate.IQ® incorperates a risk score system that intuitively quantifies the risk level at an individual property level.

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Historical and Future Events

Climate.IQ® includes comprehensive historical data analysis, such as probability simulations and time-series analysis.

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Substantial Database

Climate.IQ® incorporates various categories of data into its models, such as land use, runoff, soil, street drainage, and precipitation.

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Advanced Modeling

Climate.IQ® uses advanced scientific models to power its analysis, including hydrological modeling, inundation delineation and hurricane tracks.

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Financial Damage Information

Climate.IQ® also translates scientific models and data into dollar numbers, such as the potential replacement and repair costs of a building.