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Climate.IQ® Team


Olivia Fussell

Founder and CEO

Olivia provides guidence and oversight in support of executing the company's business plan and the achievement of its corporate milestones and financial performance.

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Mengqi Shi

Project Manager

Mengqi directs the model and data development for Climate.IQ. She performs research on the data and algorithmic modeling to use in the Climate.IQ solution platform. She manages the team and provides the weekly up-dates.

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Jeff Huang

Marketing Manager

Jeff coordinates Climate.IQ's marketing activities. He is responsible for conducting marketing researches, organizing campaigns and managing social media. Jeff also leads graphic design of website and product UI.

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Chang Liu

Data Analyst

Chang is a Data Analyst at Climate.IQ. He works as the core team member in flood and hurricane risk algorithms to realize integrated mathematical simulation models for prediction.

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Mike Shin

Software Developer

Mike is a software developer at Climate.IQ. He specializes in backend development for the IT team, building scalable and high performance systems.

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Scott McCord

Front-end Developer

Scott codes the front-end development of Climate.IQ’s web based application. He is responsible for the visual rendering of the website, as well as ensuring that the climate data is displayed on each page.

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Senyao Han

Data Analyst Intern

Senyao is a Data Analyst Intern at Climate.IQ. He works with data analysis team on data integration, quantitative modeling, algorithms developing of climate risks.

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Zixuan Guan

Data Analyst Intern

Zixuan is a Data Intern in Climate. IQ. She works as a data analyst team member on potential flooding statistics for coastal modeling and future prediction.

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Shishen Wang

Data Intern

Shishen is a Data Intern in Climate.IQ. He works with data analysis team on social media information scrapping and machine learning model building.

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Yutong Wang

Research Intern

Yutong is a Research Intern at Climate IQ. She works with the project manager on climate sciences research and assists with flood modelling in GIS. She is also responsible for updating Climate.IQ Blog, newsletters, and social m...

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